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Neema Nardone

Hospitality & Design co-chair

"This too shall pass..."

About Me

Understanding our South Asian American culture from personal experience, I've always accepted the expectations given to us.  Show no weakness and make the right choices that represent my family.  Now as a parent myself, I want my children to grow up without any stigma or concerns our culture has always implemented. I want them to feel, believe, and accept anything that comes their way and know they will always be supported by their community.  I want their tomorrow to be better than my yesterday.

I currently spend most of my days raising my two smart, strong, and beautiful daughters into the bright future our world so desperately needs.  When I'm not too exhausted from chasing the little ones around, I like to spend my time doing fitness, testing out new recipes in the kitchen, and planning the next party I so graciously volunteered to decorate for.  I grew up in a small town in Ohio (Ashtabula) but settled down in metro-Detroit Michigan (Shelby Township) with my husband and two kids.  College football Saturdays are a family favorite in our household considering we are both Big Ten Alumni.  If I'm not chanting WE ARE PENN STATE, I usually live my life by the mantra "this too shall pass."  It gets me through every hardship and also forces me to relish the good moments because in the end, it goes just as quickly as it comes.

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