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Gala proceeds will help fund the following initiatives:

*these initiatives will be completed with assistance from partners and subject matter experts


Reduce stigma and normalize discussions surrounding mental health through community engagement and education

Initiative 2:

Improve identification of mental health issues and access to care in the South Asian American (SAA) community


Community Engagement & Education

300+ posts of SAA mental health educational content & photo/video content from SAAFC events in 2023

Educational Events/Seminars

Host workshops (75-100 ppl) on mental health themes among the SAA community

Annual "Healing through Art" Gala

150+ person event with panelist discussion on SAA mental health challenges and art, SAA art market, and interactive art exhibit

Adaptation of Screening Tools

Adapt screening tool with additional questions to adequately assess SAA population

Development of App and Referral process

Create an application to host the adapted  screening tools and pathway for analysis of results/referrals

App Launch and Promotion

Plan a promotional live launch event to promote and demonstrate the application

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