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"Healing Through Art"

Gala Itinerary

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Welcoming Hour

Guests can enjoy:

  • Light refreshments including appetizers, and beverages

  • The "Art Market" where art (paintings, poetry, photographs, and more!) can be directly purchased from South Asian artists

  • An interactive art exhibit spanning 4 rooms, each focused on mental health & healing (think: Wonderspaces meets your favorite yoga studio.)

Conference Seating


Guests will be entertained by a short program consisting of:

  • A panel discussion focused on mental health and art involving prominent South Asian influencers, artists, and mental health subject-matter experts.

  • 1-2 dance performances by well-known South Asian artists

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During the last hour of the event, guests can expect to:

  • Celebrate together with music and dancing.

  • Delight in more light snacks, desserts, and beverages.

  • Connect, network and mingle with other guests (as well as our special panelists and artists!)

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